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Sofas for pleasure and comfort

Comfort above all else. That's what a good couch was supposed to be about. Nor, as clothing makes a man, furniture makes a home. Therefore, the manufacturers of these sofas put strength on the design, but they definitely do not compromise on quality, functionality or comfort. We choose the best materials and models for you. But your taste may vary. Therefore, you do not have to buy only into the basket. Tell us your idea and we will design a couch for you, who you dreamed of.     

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  • Sofas for everyday...

    We offer quality sofas for everyday sleeping , our sofas excel in the highest quality mechanism , which ensures fast layout and comfortable sleeping. These sofas have a solid metal construction with supporting wooden slats for seamless comfort . Of course, there is also a mattress made of cold foam, which is one of the most comfortable . Everything is set in a robust construction and forms the perfect sofa for a peaceful sleep and carefree comfort at a friendly price .

  • Corner sofas
  • Tailor-made sofas
  • Sofa beds

    Sofa beds for joy, comfort and quality sleep

    Comfort above all else. That's what a good sofa should be about. In addition, when the sofa adds a folding mechanism, it suddenly becomes a comfortable bed, on which everyone will sleep beautifully and in pink. The folding mechanisms in our sofas are of very high quality and are guaranteed not to be thrown out by frequent folding. If you are looking for a beautiful sofa that simply becomes a place for a comfortable sleep, do not hesitate to look around with us.

  • Sofas 3 2 1

    Comfortable, variable and exceptional

    Sofas 3 2 1 have a huge use for their variability. The combination of three-seater, two-seater and armchairs is extremely practical for both large spacious living rooms and small apartments.

  • Modular sofas
  • Cheap sofas with an...

    Are you looking for a simple sofa that is comfortable, cheap and will serve you well? This category is exactly for you. We offer these sofas at extra discounted prices.

  • Exhibited sofas at a...

    We sell these sofas with a discount of up to 50%

  • Česko-slovenské pohovky
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Showing 1 - 15 of 77 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 77 items